Roadschooling: Northwest Canada Day 8,9&10

IMG_0019When we left Kleanza Creek Provincial Park, we headed to Prince George and booked into the Treasure Cove casino hotel. We had a nice dinner, cleaned up and enjoyed the pool and soft beds. It was nice after all of the tenting.

After Prince George we headed to Lillooet and almost had dinner but bailed. We had gone into a restaurant where we received no service, and then after leaving were told outside by a previous customer that we were lucky to have not eaten there. We stopped at Joffre Lake to get refreshed, and then got back on the road and headed to Whistler, and bailed again. It was too “Banff-y”, and we couldn’t find something casual and authentic. So we took the sea to sky highway through Pemberton and bailed again. The only places we could find were closed or full. Driving through Pemberton was mostly spent searching for and then finally spotting the wild horses, drinking out of the creek. Finally, we arrived in Squamish and found the Watershed. Well worth the wait.

It is a bar and grill tucked away on the water, where you can enjoy a loud happy atmosphere and excellent pub food. More than all of that – the waterfront, the music and yummy food – was the amazing service. Cheerful laid back and intuitive to kids and their sometimes irrational needs.  It was exactly what we needed for a vehicle full of very hungry children.

After dinner we headed to Porteau Cove. We arrived in the dark, and had to park and walk in with the tent, to a combination of people trying to sleep, and people trying to share the communal fire pits beside them. We carefully set up the tent while trying to keep the kids from disturbing the neighbours, got in and passed out. The next morning we caught the ferry at Tsawwassen, and had fresh local fruit for breakfast. The ferry was great. We explored the boat and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

When we arrived in Victoria, we headed over to American Apparrel to get some clean clothes for the kiddos. We had hardly packed at all with this plan in mind; to buy their summer clothes at American Apparel.  Victoria is absolutely gorgeous; it is bright and colourful and it feels fresh. We drove through Nanaimo and headed to “Goats on the Roof” Market to meet Eric’s parents who had flown in from Ottawa to Nanaimo, and stock up on food for the summer house. We got local fruit and vegetables, eggs, breads, cheese and meat.

From there we headed straight to Ucluelet.

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