Roadschooling: Northwest Canada day 3


IMG_0002On the third day of our road trip we woke in Whitehorse and decided to head straight north. The first stop was the Takhini Hot springs, where we were surprisingly nearly the only ones there. The warm water was a comfort in the chilly morning air. A stop at the “Bean North” coffee roasters for lunch, and we were off.

The Dempster highway is a dirt road freckled with shale and rocks and potholes, that takes you all the way over the arctic circle and into the tundra. In the winter you can drive the last little stretch all the way to the arctic ocean on the ice road. There have even been polar bears on the north end. Through the Ogilvie mountain range, wild horses run free.

The allure of the remoteness, the wild and the raw beauty of a barely touched part of the world had haunted us for months. Between our bouts of excitement had been bouts of nervousness about the lonely highway.

We got to the highway sign and started down it. The plan was to drive the short distance to Tombstone park and then head the rest of the way up the Dempster the next morning. For the first kilometre or so, although it was as beautiful as the Alaska and Klondike highways had been, the landscape was not distinct. Just a never ending roadside treeline.

And then, the trees opened up and what we saw ahead of us took our breath away.

We stopped at Tombstone territorial park and set up camp. It was raining a bit, but not enough to put out the fire. We ate, and then watched the midnight sun peak out throughout the grey clouds. When we were finally tired enough we went to bed, excited for the next days adventures!

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