The Journey: Cooling down

imageI welcome the cooler weather every year with open arms. To me, it represents big hearty meals, sweaters, darker days lit by candle light, howling winds, and eventually the clean sparkling snow. I just want to cuddle up in a pair of big socks, with a cup of tea and a great book.That time doesn’t often come, but when it does, it’s exquisite.

I have decided to start doing 2 posts a week. Tuesday posts will be about the Journey of homeschooling & Family life, and Fridays will be the about the current Challenges we are facing.

Homeschool: “Block 2”

Where block 1 (September), was Language Arts, Geography/History, Art & French, Block 2 (October), is Math, Geography/History, Science & Spanish. After our main lesson everyday, we have been spending most of our time outside, walking the trails, climbing trees and exploring the parks. There have also been several afternoon play dates, and a homeschool field trip during which the older two learned about the fur trade.

Math: Hana has been working on review work, most recently long divisionimage. Next week we go over basic fractions and decimals.Elijah has been going through number values, and is now being introduced to the four processes through the Christopherus “Squirrels”.

Foreign Language: Instead of switching from French to Spanish I simply added Spanish. The kids have no trouble at all keeping them separate  so far. Besides reciting poems and songs, doing vocabulary, Living Languages, Duo Lingo, Mango and Rosetta Stone, the kids have been watching movies and identifying words and phrases that are familiar. Hana also summarizes the movies in her notebook with an accompanying drawing. Elijah is working on basic phrases and common words.

imageGeography/History: We have completed our unit on prehistory and the journey through Hominid evolution, and now have begun the story of human civilization. Currently we are studying Mesopotamia, modern day Syria/Iraq/Egypt. We have been discussing how and why nomadic people started to settle, early language and writing. There has been a lot of map work, which the kids seem to love.

Other: We are trying to put our family cookbook together, so that I can bring it into the print shop. It is full of the children’s art work, favourite child-friendly recipes and photos.


We just returned from a week long trip through central and western Alberta;image Edmonton, Calgary, Banff and Jasper through the Glacier Parkway. We got to visit with our family, as Eric’s parents were in for a family wedding, and we got to see cousins and his step Grandmother (the bride-to-be). It was a great time sharing meals especially the Dim Sum, and swimming in the hotel pool. My brother lives in Banff so on the way home we stopped by to have lunch with him and take a tour to Bow falls. We also had a meeting with the kids school board facilitator in Edmonton which was wonderful. Our facilitator is an integral part of our homeschool journey, and I am very grateful to the public school board for the way they have organized their resources for homeschoolers.  I enjoy discussing education philosophy, techniques and materials with a fellow homeschooler/public school teacher. She has a broad perspective and a lot of experience that is very helpful to me.

We are road tripping up to Yellowknife in 8 weeks to try out some dog sledding and northern lights. Hopefully we will get to eat some local foods and enjoy some art and culture.

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