Roadschooling Adventures: Day 25-30

imageDay 26:The Giant stone cliffs piercing up through the ground against the aqua blue waters of Lake Superior are truly breath taking. The kids got to see the Canadian Shield as no textbook could describe. We swam in Lake Superior at each opportunity, and then we spent the night in Thunder Bay.
Day 27: We swam in Kenora and then back to Winnipeg. I am fairly certain that Winnipeg is my favourite Canadian city right now. It is wide open and airy. There is a vibrancy and energy here that I experienced nowhere else. There was a non-living garden contest going on throughout the city, and the kids played in one beautiful interpretive entry, with moveable bright yellow mesh tent-like pieces on a chess like board painted onto the grass at the edge of the forks.We again discussed Louis Reil and the colourful history of Winnipeg, and walked through the forks and downtown at dusk. We then had dinner at a great Mexican restaurant.We plan to go back for the museum of human rights, for it was closed during this trip. We also walked through the theatre district, which is another exciting area of Winnipeg. Did I mention I love Winnipeg?
Day 27: We travelled the Prairies this time in the full sunshine. It turns out there was a tornadoimage warning practically following us that we were unaware of. We stopped at a playground, and then visited the Regina farmers market which was fantastic, and picked up some goodies in order to have a picnic at the park. The boardwalk was nice, however it was filled with hungry Canadian geese who asserted themselves immediately. We found a clear bench, and enjoyed a fresh local picnic on the water. Then we let the kids run wild through the garden sprinklers at the legislature buildings before hopping back into the adventure van. From here we headed to Buffalo pound provincial park for a swim and to take in the gorgeous scenery. It turned out that the water quality was questionable but there was a great pool.We drove as far as we could, which ended up being Swift Current Saskatchewan. We got a hotel for the night, and had a great sleep.

imageDay 28:We were Drumheller bound, when I noticed that Avery had some strange spots on his leg that could have been poison ivy or something else. We decided not to visit family in Drumheller, as they have a young daughter who had just undergone a kidney transplant and the risks were too high. We decided to drive straight to B.C. We rented a log cabin in Kootenay national park, and it was so beautiful. We had late night snacks, read Nancy Drew, and then drifted off to sleep.

Day29 : We slept in, but still made it to breakfast in Banff with my brother & cousin and their girlfriends. It was so great spending time with them.  We headed to Takakka falls in Yoho national park to hike, explore and play in the water. Eric and the kids actually climbed up the side of the mountain. We  were going to head to Revelstoke and Glacier park, and then tent in B.C. but decided instead to get a suite at the Fox hotel and let the kids relax there for the remainder of our stay. They swam in the underground “cave pool”, and then just lazed around watching movies. My brother and his girlfriend came over for pizza and boardgames. Perfect night.

Day 30: Breakfast with my brother and then The Miette Hotsprings in Jasper national park. It was wonderful. We were driving the Glacier parkway all day, viewing wildlife and deaking in and out of mountains and glaciers, and we realized that the spots on Avery were probably not bug bites or poison ivy, because River and Hana now had them also. Chicken pox? Homeward bound to Grande Prairie!

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