Roadschooling Adventures Day 12,13&14:


Day 12: Canada Day! On this day, we were all thinking about my Mom as it was her birthday and we were so close to home. Unfortunately we had very little service and couldn’t get ahold of her.We woke up in Nova Scotia, on the Cabot trail at Corneybrook site on the ocean. We headed down to the shore to climb the rocks and play in the water, and then we hit the road. Our first stop was Pleasant Bay, where we stopped at a very small cafe (more like the patio of someones home), where we had  Halibut hash for breakfast with baked beans. Delicious! We inquired about whale watching at the Fiddlin’ Whale tours, but the boat was too small to take a baby on board.image  We decided to head from there to Beulach waterfalls. Next, we swam at Blackbrook beach which was amazing – the waves were over our heads! After a nice long swim, we headed to Maryanne falls and swam in the waterfalls.It was interesting going from salt water to fresh water and back again. When we were thoroughly tired, we headed to town and got some fresh lobster and scallops, set up camp and prepared dinner. It was fantastic. After dinner we headed to the beach for fireworks! Perfect Canada Day.

Day 13: Halifax

We woke and had a campfire seafood hash of our own, and after some wrestling and karate demos, we  headed to Halifax.image Halifax was one our favorite places – it is so bright and clean. We toured the Maritime museum, visited the legislature, walked the boardwalk and saw jellyfish, and then we had beavertails. After a long day in the sun, we headed to Sackville to hit the sack!

Day 14: Fundy

We arrived at Fundy national park early in the morning and showered and did laundry. Then we headed to Hopewell Rocks where we ate clams and got thoroughly muddy when the tide went out and we were left on the ocean floor examining crabs and seaweed. everyone had a blast, especially Avery!! Then we headed to the park salt water pool. We were going to camp in the park that night, but it was raining, so we decided to head towards Quebec City. We ended up getting a hotel room in Fredericton, so we could shower and get cleaned up. It was almost time to head to the Ottawa Valley, and we were all getting home sick for our family at this point, so we went straight to sleep to make the next day come quicker.

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