Roadschooling Adventures: Day 10&11

imageDay 10:We took the long confederation bridge to Prince Edward Island. It is beautiful beyond the wildest imagination. In fact, I wish I never had to leave. Charlottetown was filled with street musicians, cafes and pottery shops. Cavendish beach was magical, with red cliffs set behind emerald green hills and  blue waves crashing on a white sand beach. It is peaceful, and people here have a polite, gentle enthusiasm about them. They have also have a fantastic waste management program!

Although the weather man was insisting there was a 100% chance of rain, the sun continued to shine all afternoon while we swam in the ocean and played on the beach. The kids build sand castles and collected shells until the early evening, and then we headed into Cavendish for lobster.

imageWe all had lobster dinner at a small cozy family restaurant. Elijah picked everyones plate clean – he certainly enjoyed it the most. After that we had fresh local strawberry shortcakes. Delicious! We camped on the beach. It rained all night and the wind picked up, so we heard the waves crashing on the beach and the rain pelting the tent while we drifted to sleep, but we were all cozy and warm inside. What a perfect place and a perfect day.

Day 11: We woke in PEI and headed for the beach. Everyone swam and collected shells, and then we headed to the Charlottetown market, and walked around exploring the street goods. We stopped at a cafe for brunch, and then hit the road to the Northumberland ferry.

The ferry ride was great. The kids made friends with a puppy, and we watched for porpoises and whales, but had no luck.

When we got to the shores of Nova Scotia, we headed straight for Melburby beach, and had a swim in the ocean. It was a beautiful beach. We stopped in Antigonish and got some X burgers, and then drove into the sunset.The beginning of the Cabot trail was against a pink and red sky. We decided to camp on an ocean cliff at Corneybrook.

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