Adventures in Roadschooling: Days 7,8 & 9

imageDay 7: We now have our nephew Seth with us. We hit the road  towards Toronto, and first hit a little roadside heritage house museum, and then a trading post for lunch. After that, we got to Wasaga beach, and swam the evening away. Because we were all loving the beautiful weather, we ditched the Toronto hotel, and camped at Earle Rowe provincial park, which was great.

Day 8: Toronto. This was one part of the trip that I was most looking forward to, because I love this city. As we drove in, I started thinking about Jack Laytons funeral, our past life in Arnprior and all of the NDP trips to Toronto we had taken. As we drove up the Danforth, The thrill of Toronto became a feeling of melancholy.

Construction was intense and traffic was slow.  First we explored the legislature, and then we made it to the Hockey Hall of fame and Gretzkys Sportsbar where we spent some time with one of our favourite rockstars, and then we decided to grab some food at the Lonestar (the eastiest restaurant for having a lot of kids in our experience), and head to the Sandbanks provincial park. Alot has changed at the sandbanks since I was a kid. imageIt was not as majestic as my childhood memories of it are. There was alot of garbage and people. However, the thrill of swimming at dusk, in the 30 degree weather kept the kids excited.  We cancelled our site here also and continued driving until we got to Kingston, and got a hotel room.

Day 8: We woke up, and after a hotel swim we hit the farmers market for some fresh local fruit. Then we drove the Saint Lawrence Parkway to the 1000 islands National Park, where we went to the visitors centre and talked with the local biologist. We spent so much time exploring the park and visitors centre, that we had to put off our plans in Montreal until the way back, so we decided to drive to Trois Rivieres (where there was a street festival going on), have some poutine and sleep.

Day 9: New Brunswick! We woke, and headed straight for New Brunswick. it was a little chilly and rainy, but we were SO excited to see the Atlantic ocean that we didn’t mind. First we stopped at the New Brunswick Botanical Gardens in Edmunston, and then we drove through the interior of the province, (forested rolling hills ), until we arrived in Miramichi for fish and chips. Then, Kouchibougouac National Park, and what the kids have dubbed “The Great Retreat”. We arrived at Kouchibougouac in the cold, windy rain, and proceeded to put our bathing suits on and head to the ocean. However, once on the boardwalk, the wind blasting us backwards, we decided to run back to the safety of the van, and have ourselves some hot chocolate. We headed to Moncton where we got an ocean themed “kidsuite” at the Holiday Inn to make up for it, and swam in the pool.

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