Roadschool adventure Day 4,5&6

imageDay 4:Winnipeg! We woke in Riding Mountain and drove to Winnipeg. I loved Winnipeg the first time we visited it a few years ago, and I love it more now. We arrived to discover a giant celebration at the Forks. There was a pow-wow going on, and people were dancing everywhere, demonstrations, booths, music  and an aboriginal skateboarding competition going on. There was a throat singing contest that was pretty interesting.The kids played at the water fountain, we took part in some of the festivities and then we sat down and had a street dog. When everyone was thoroughly tired, we headed into the market, and then over to the Manitoba legislature. We saw the Louis Riel statue, checked out some polar bear art pieces, and Avery made a friend at the fountain. We decided to try and drive through our next stop and make it to Pukaskwa. We stopped at Fort Vermillion to play and have a imagecoffee. Then we drove through northern Ontario in the dark, until we got to Kakabeka falls, and we slept in the van for a little while.  We have been watching Canada: a Peoples History in the van, and it has sparked some very interesting conversations which helped with the long  stretches of northern Ontario wilderness. We have talked a lot about First Nations issues, Louis Riel, Nellie Mclung and women’s suffrage to name but a few of our lite topics of conversation. Day 5: We woke up and headed to the gorge at Agawa canyon which was beautiful. We took a little hike in the woods and checked out the waterfalls. Next to Pukaskwa.Pukaskwa National park is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. It is dense clean wilderness. First we checked out the Anishnabee site, and explored the wigwam and teepee. Then we went on a hike up into the rock cliffs to catch a beautiful view of Lake Superior. Next we headed to White Lake provincial park to shower and do some laundry. imageDay 6: We  had arrived in Sault Ste Marie very late at night.We stayed at my Sister in law’s house partly because we are bringing our nephew Seth with us to the East coast. The next morning we headed to her cafe for breakfast, which was amazing. The kids worked for her, doing some prep work and serving coffee. We spent the rest of the day organizing and washing our stuff, and then we had a BBQ, which was outrageously good. It was so nice to spend time with family before hitting the road again. Kelly and Jim and their kids are awesome. The only regret is that we didn’t make it there sooner in order to spend more time with their other three kids. We did however, get to bring Seth with us, so we can’t complain too much. Tommorow we head to Toronto!

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