014   As part of our commitment to DO this year, I have been reflecting on my past reasonings for not doing certain things. I said I didn’t have time or money, I was too tired/out of shape, I had to work, clean, find childcare, etc., etc….

The fact is, I did not do things because I did not REALLY want to. When people really want to do things, they do. How do you teach a child about the determination of Helen Keller, and then procrastinate about writing a thank you card, or taking her to an orientation session at the animal shelter? You cant.

. It translates to all aspects of life. Paying bills on time, forgiving people, even making a simple phone call or saying I love you. If you really want to, you will.

I recently read in the Calgary Herald about this homeschooling family from Bragg Creek Alberta, the Coles, who are taking nine of their ten children to China for five months. They will be studying mandarin, and immersing themselves in the local culture, seeing Mt. Everest, touring North Korea. They are not a wealthy family – They run a laundry business, and the husband/father  builds decks and houses. They are travelling there on Aeropoints (therefore it will take them four days to get there), and staying in a three bedroom apartment. With nine children. Not wealthy, but determined.

015My favourite example of determination,  is that of the Ryan’s Well Foundation. In 1998 Ryan Hreljac from Ontario Canada, at the age of six, heard about water shortages in Africa and decided that he personally would do something about it. He started raising money to build a well in a Ugandan village by working around the house, and then involved his friends and family. Since then, Ryan has built a foundation that has saved the lives of almost 1 million people by providing clean water and sanitation through the construction of 720 wells and 910 latrines. Now, if that little boy can literally change the world, It makes it very difficult to find excuses for why the rest of us cannot achieve our own goals.012

On the Home/school front

We have been moving and unpacking the last two weeks, and finally things have settled down. Hana has been busy making her Figgys Zephyr sundress. It’s very pretty. She has also been testing out cracker recipes for her cookbook.

Elijah and her have been enjoying the Centre for Creative Arts Monday afternoon clay class more than anything. They have made bowls, mugs, cups and baby rattles. Monday afternoons have become Mommy/Avery time, and so we always go to the library, walk through the park, and go out for tea and cookies together. Sometimes, he makes me chase him through the Art Gallery (automatic doors), or tries to catch the elevator and escape me, but usually we will sit and talk about the birds outside, and eat cookies.

One of my life dreams is that my children will not be apathetic, but will be dreamers AND do-ers. To help ensure this happens, right now I am just trying to help them set goals for themselves, and enable them to follow through right to the end. whether it be making a summer wardrobe or learning to speak spanish.

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