November in the Thick of it – This week

 Autumn was full. We picked and canned apples, canned tomatoes, made green tomato relish and beet chips. Hana began dance classes, Elijah began karate, and we are full into the swing of things with our studies. Things have changed – I have added quite abit to the year. We have decided to do a Globe Aware volunteer trip to Cuba to study sustainable agricultural practices, and in preparation we are adding Spanish to the docket. I have been talking to other homeschool moms who are teaching multiple languages simeoultaneously, so we are testing the waters. I have been teaching all subjects with a french immersion approach. There are some amazing free resources out there – the Rosetta project has high quality readers available in multiple languages. There is also a site called, including full units such as La Meteo, La terre, and Le systeme solaire.We use Rosetta stone homeschool french which is very thorough, as well as the Mango French program which is basic conversational french. I find Mango more geared towards tourists, but it works well for Elijah because it is auditory/verbal, and reading is uneccessary. I tried to insert my weekly schedule but it would not format properly, so here is a short list of our week:


Circle Time: Days of the week (French/English), Stopping by the woods…Robert Frost,  Le Monde est Petit (song), bean bag math games French/English
Hana Reading aloud:The Pine tree
Nature study: Observing /recording temp, flora/fauna, sun rise/set, moon cycles, Building our snow house!, Nature walks
Form Drawing: Free draw/color with block crayons, Letter c short & long lines, Cursive letter C upper & lower case
Spelling: English/French list incorporating words from the week in all subjects (story of the world, nutrition, etc.)
Math: Number 2: opposites, pairs, sets, Remainders in division, multiplying in the hundreds
Unit Study: Herbs: Calendula reading, coloring page, drawing & copy work
French: book: Le Villain Caneton , Mango, Rosetta Stone
LA: audiobook; Shakespeare for Children – Hamlet 
Arts/Crafts: Birdseed treats, scarf knitting cont., ice windows for our snow house,
Story of the World: Hammurabi & the Babylonians – Q&A, map, quiz
Science/health; unit study-nutrition: Food Renegade & Nutrition for Healthy kids: Unit 1 GMOs, organics, PLU codes, sweeteners – Splenda  aspartame & high fructose corn syrup, Constructing renegade food pyramid, making gluten free crackers & hummus
Extracurriculars: Ballet, Jazz,Yoga, Girl Guides, karate, library day, play date, skating & sliding 
Bed Time Story: Wind in the Willows

In all honesty, what our homeschooling really looks like to the naked eye, is play. listening to stories while drawing or building a marble run, painting pictures, building forts out of snow or blankets. Even spelling and math are fun. Math involves number related story, song and poem from the Waldorf Book of Poetry to name one resource. Hana uses beautiful math manipulatives that she collects herself, such as nuts and seeds. Her math work is full of colour and illustration that comes right from her imagination. She is free to daydream, and often makes wonderful number related connections while doing her math practice. Our weekly outings to the library, grocery store or to various sports and activities we usually get to by bus, which is always an adventure in itself. Many days, her friends are here during lessons and dont even realize that they are doing school work! The low point of the fall, was that my camera charger was stolen at the Calgary zoo, and still has not been replaced. I have had to resort to an old camera, and am not enjoying it so much.

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