Northern Adventure!

 We weren’t sure what exactly to expect when we hit the road for the Northwest territories last week. We packed very little – a tent, bear spray, some citronella and a cooler of food. When we arrived at the 60th parallel the information desk informed us that there were forest fires at the beginning of our adventure, and part of the highway had been washed out at the end. When we got news that the Liard highway had been opened back up, we set off on a day filled with waterfalls! Louise falls, Alexander falls, Lady Evelyn Falls and finally, Samba Deh falls, where we set up camp for the night. When we arrived at Samba, there was no one working at the park, and it remained that way until we left the next day. Samba Deh is beautiful! We found a trail that took us to the top of the falls, where we welcomed the cool spray! There, we sat and watched a baby beaver for a while,with our feet in the cold, cold water. 

That night, the sun didn’t go down. I took a picture at 1am, 2am, and finally, Eric and I got up at 4am, and packed up our gear. It was very disorienting, but the scenery and wild life was so beautiful, we didn’t mind the lack of sleep. There is only one restaurant on the whole stretch of the Mackenzie highway, unless you go into Hay river, up to Yellowknife or take the ferry to Fort Simpson. The restaurant is called Winnie’s Cafe, and it looks like a mobile home where someone might live, with out of service gas pumps in the front. HOWEVER, when you go in, you are greeted with amazingly friendly service, Authentic native arts & crafts and great food!

Saturday we got stuck in a bison jam. I was complaining that we had come all of this way and had seen no bison, when all of a sudden, they started coming out of the woods and onto the road.

We stopped in at Blackstone park to have a look at the Nahanni Mountains in the distance. From there, we crossed into northern B.C. and headed four hours up the mountainous and sometimes scary Alaska highway to the well hidden Muncho Lake, which has been described by some as the most beautiful lake in the world.

We had to dodge Mountain goats, and at one point spotted a grizzly. Finally there, we set up camp. We ate, played, swam in the frigid, turquoise waters, and then decided to head to the Liard Hot springs. AWESOME! Our drive from Liard back to Muncho was through the mountains, with the sun setting, against the aqua water and lush greenery. We spotted three black bears.

The next day, we decided to go with the flow. We had a great campfire breakfast, packed up, and hit the road. We pulled over to play in some icy creeks along the way, and stopped at stone mountain park to build a fire for lunch. Here, the kids played in the water, and Avery and I got chased by a moose, heading over a hill from the highway! 

We were to camp this night at Buckinghorse or Sikanni Falls, but aside from the road to Sikanni being washed out, there was quite a thunderstorm, complete with a full, double rainbow!

The one moment I wish I’d had my camera ready – we saw  a coyote and a lynx, hangout out together at the top of a hill beside the highway.

And so, we headed home to grande prairie. over 3000 km’s in 3 days. Super fantastic trip! We can’t wait for the next one!!

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  1. Love these pictures. I hope the ones of all those animals were taken using a long distance zoom lense!. Please keep writing.

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