Example: Child Initiated Learning

Although Hana can be shy, she is also a born preformer.

If I only had the energy to withstand it, she would sing the song that doesn’t end, or tell the neverending story. Her creative energy is boundless. She dabbles in everything, but has not yet found an outlet to really sink into.

Theatre? Creative writing? Music? What direction will this little girl take me in I wonder.

It is so exciting to watch each child on thier own authentic journey! One of the many reason we homeschool, is to enable and encourage them to explore every step of their adventure, and submerge themselves in thier interests. This is how (I hope), they will unleash thier life passions.  Hana gets an idea in her head, and if I get out of the way, I am always in for a treat when she achieves her goal. If she is allowed whole days or even weeks to spend on projects until they are completed, it pays off.

 Today we read the book Owl Eyes by Frieda Gates. She sprung up afterwards and proceeded to make puppets of all of the characters in the story.  She first wrote a list of necessary materials, and retrieved them. Then she made scenery, tickets (for the neighbours), and organized the narraration and dialogue. Finally, she practiced the show for when her father gets home tomorrow. I can’t wait to see it all come together! She did it 100% on her own.

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