Nature Study!

 It has been a fantastic school year!We have been wrapping up our final language arts block, and our final math block. We have gone on from learning the alphabet, to reading and writing. From learning our numbers, to  adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. From learning basic french words, to understanding common phrases, and beginning to construct simple sentences.

We started off as strict, Waldorf homeschoolers, and ended up ecclectic homeschoolers, (or unschoolers), who use a Waldorf curriculum. We read AMAZING books (see the book list page), made magical discoveries in math and science, but more than anything, we did a ton of art and nature study.

This week has had an amazing start.

 Moose are my very favourite animals. I am always on the lookout for these gentle giants, and am grateful for any oppertunity to observe them from a good distance. Yesterday though, we all got to see two of them up close and personal. One in particular, was curious enough for us to get some great pictures! From there, as if it couldn’t get any better,we had the oppertunity to study a mother grizzly bear and her baby having lunch on the way back from Kakwa Alberta. After a slow start, they let us take our time snapping pictures of them, from a comfortable distance. This week therefore, will be all about grizzly bears and moose!

I have begun puting together our plans for next year, and will include in a side page for potential homeschooler perusing.     

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