May Day and the Wild West

Alberta is a wild place. We spend a lot of time outside observing the indigenous plants, birds and insects. This past weekend however, was special. We witnessed a wild-fire, wild bison warnings, and the rarest and most wonderful of all –  wild horses, running along the highway from Zama to Rainbow lake!

We also attended the May Day festival in Dunvegan.

May Day,  is a celebration of the arrival of spring. Throughout history it has been observed by festivals of dancing, anonymous gift giving, and the raising of a May pole. Hana tried out some drums, and we all watched the weaving of the May pole. Some historians believe that the May pole signifies Yggdrasil, the world tree in Norse mythology.

We have also been spending time with friends, having picnics, planting vegetable seeds and hanging out at the library.

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One response

  1. The May Day Festival was alot of fun – It reminded me of our Earth Day Festival back home. But I will never forget the feeling of being so close to a wild fire that I could feel the heat on my skin – Wow!!!

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