I feel so lucky to live in a temperate four season climate. Although I love the sparkling, clean cold winter, Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I welcome the return of the sun. In fact, I celebrate it! Spring for me means the awakening of three parts of the self. Spiritual, Physical,( ‘doing’ or ‘activity’), and our Conviction – reaffirming who we are, and why we do  what do.                                                                                                     

                                                                                                                                    Spiritual awakenings     

All major religions other than Islam have major observances during the spring.There are also special secular and Pagan days, which may include May-day, Earth Day, The Spring Equinox and observances of the Germanic Goddess Eostre/Astara (the origin of the egg hunt).I hope to have my family learn about, and be aware of all of these days and times, and understand the historical, social and spiritual significance of these special observances to everyone on the planet. Some of these observances and festivals we have already learned about and/or incorporated (when appropriate), and others such as Yom Hashoah (Remembering the holocaust), we will learn about and discuss, but not until the children are much older. For me, I find my peace in yoga practice, meditation and simply being out in the natural world.

                      Physical  Energy

THIS spring, we have been busy little bees! Outside of the usual crafting and studying, we have been enjoying our time with new friends, Exploring Grande Prairie parks and museum, exploring Edmonton including the Science centre, west Edmonton mall and museum, Travelling the Glacial Parkway to Banff/Jasper/Kaninaskis, Unplugging for Earth Hour, Building a worm composter for our kitchen, attending the Earth day festival and the Swan festival, Enjoying mountain picnics and puddle dives, hiking, hanging out at the library, Spying mountain goats, Elk, Moose, Mule deer, Otters, butterflies and Bighorn sheep. We have also embarked on some personal projects/endeavors. Hana wants to make her own summer wardrobe, so we have been picking out patterns, fabrics and natural dyes from Dharma trading co. She also has signed up as a volunteer at the local animal shelter, and registered in a Greek History camp. Elijah has been spending a lot of time learning about Greek Gods and Godesses. He also is very excited about our local farm tour next week with some other homeschoolers!

I have started taking yoga with a new friend, volunteered for the community garden committee with the city of GP, signed up with the volunteer services bureau, and joined  a community supported agriculture program. I also have started to familiarize myself with the local politics and major political players on all three levels (brought on of course by the recent provincial election).


It is important to renew life goals and priorities in the Spring, a time of year when everything becomes possible again.The questions start to roll around:  What is life all about? What is important? How should I spend my time? How do I be the BEST person I can? The kindest? The most effective?

The answers to these questions sometimes require drastic life changes, and that is why we sometimes don’t ask them. Our family has asked some tough ones this year,  and have decided to make some life decisions based on the answers. Our next life changes are: 1. to move into a much smaller house that is  more energy and cost efficient as well as walkable/busable to and from everywhere, and 2. lose the TV.  The only results will be better quality of life and more money in our pockets.

We want to be healthy, frugal, environmentally responsible, politically active community volunteers who never stop learning, experience nature every day, and show love through kindness and understanding to family, friends and even strangers,(or friends we haven’t met yet as Hana calls them).

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We Love the Spring!

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