A new local history

I had never considered what it might be like for new comers to our home community in the Ottawa Valley. I never thought we would ever leave, much less move across the country.

 Now we are the new comers, and have to learn this local history, culture, language, and geography. We have been exploring the natural environment quite a bit, and now we are moving on to the local history.

 Eric is enrolling in a Cree language course, that we can eventually roll into a language block for the children, possibly for September. We will replace the Algonquin language block with Cree, until we once again live in Algonquin territory, at which time we will pick it back up. 

 We will be studying first the cultural history of North west Alberta, and then we will move onto the natural history, closer to a time that we can visit the larger city museums and Drumheller in the summer.

I am secretly making plans for the Spring Equinox. Here is how spring plans look so far:

Gifts: plant-based dyes, playsilks for dyeing (Dharma trading co.), beeswax plasticine, coloured molding beeswax, clay pots (maybe make these?) & seeds, watercolour paints, new knitting needles (Hana), yarns, new books, kite paper, handmade balance beam (Eric)

Crafts: eggshell mosaics, dyed/painted egg tree, poured egg-shell beeswax candles, photo paper art, spring door wreath, spring centre piece for table, spring place mats, homemade soap shampoo & house hold cleaners, handmade stationary/cards (spring themed), new window stars, spring themed mobiles (birds), origami wall mural in Hanas room

Projects: new chore chart (for the new season), new meal plan binder (starting to incorporate new seasonal foods), instituting a day for letter writing home

 Other plans/Extracurriculars for Spring:  Trip to Yellowknife, Gymnastics, Sparks, trip to Banff (Glacier parkway), Trip to Edmonton, library programs and multiplex!

I have had trouble connecting with people here in Grande Prairie with similar interests, and it is very difficult to combine this with being so far from family.  I did find one Waldorf homeschooler online however, with three little ones of her own, and I can’t wait to meet her!

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