This week has been so very exciting!

My mother in law has left, and we have been hard at making up for a long holiday from our studies. The last week and a half has had a Raffi “Evergreen Everblue” soundtrack. We have been hard at knitting scarves. Hana has expressed an interest in practicing her cursive so we have been working on that a little bit. We finished our language Arts block V! It is sad to say goodbye to the Prince, (Those of you familiar with the Christopherous curriculum will understand I am sure.)

The last seven days have been a blur of Skating, visiting with new friends, sliding, gymnastics,baking cookies, playing dominos, origami, yoga, beading, modelling with clay, hiking through the woods, taking music lessons, tracking animals and participating in library programs – most notably, family literacy day (today), where we watched a puppet show and a story time featuring tales from around the world! I even put my skates back on this week and went out with Hana during Elijah’s lesson. How awesome it felt to be gliding across the ice again! I felt so light and free!

Hana has received a letter from my Aunt Sandra, and she is responding in both french and english, so it should be interesting to read the final product!

Elijah has learned how to use a camera, so he took the Sushi photos. It’s so fun to see the world through the eyes of a four year old. Knees, floor….waist, silverware drawer. What a sweetie!

We started working on jewelry gifts for friends we miss at home (Hana and Jen). There is a sneak peek in the slide show – watch your mail!

We also enjoyed an evening out for Sushi, which was a blast.

Elijah is very much wanting to do lessons like Hana, so we have begun the Montessori letter introductions that Hana had when she was his age – (The tracing block and the phonics block). They both learned the sign language as well as the french pronunciation of each letter.

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