Animal Homes

It is as if I am in a warm haze until I get outside, and then I awaken. Whether it be a moist mucky chirping wetland, a hot meadow smelling of sweet grass and stinging of jumping grass hoppers, or a sparkling, snowy pine forest with frozen turquoise ponds and clean fresh cold.

We all discovered a nearby paradise today. A large, rambling wilderness within walking distance. We spent the afternoon exploring, and at the end of our journey, we even stumbled upon a network of underground infrastructure. Unfortunately, no citizens were to be found.

We tracked animals, and searched out different animal homes, letting our imaginations run wild!, (mostly I did this).

To the children, I was a mother wolf. To me, I was a child again, hoping to catch a glimpse of a fairy, a wild animal – any forest creature, by psyching them out with my stealth.

Avery has discovered finger paint, and so we have been doing a lot of it! Elijah has been painting maps – most notably, one “home” so we don’t forget how to get back there. I am not sure if he understands yet that we live here now.

Hana saw the completion of her first song as written music, “Going to the Sun”. She began
writing it last spring, and as a family we have been singing it since.

Now, we have a final draft and her and her father can play it on the guitar and rock it out!

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