Holiday Away

The holiday season in Grande Prairie was very different for us. Being away from home, meant that we had to do a bit of reinventing.

Christmas was full of handmade gifts, new crafting materials,food, food and more food. We went for a horse-drawn sleigh ride & festival of Christmas lights. We ate turkey and roast beef for a week. We went to a beautiful nature inspired Advent service at the United church.
Boxing Day
We had our first dinner party! Family came over, and we played board games, and ate and ate and ate. We also made some future plans together.
New Years
We tried to go hiking in Grande Cache, but between the frigid weather, Avery’s refusal to keep his boots on, and the grizzly bear WARNING sign, we decided to wait on that. Instead, we had a van picnic, and looked at animal tracks in the park.  We drove through the mountains, and watched the last sunset of 2011 go down over the snowy peaks. When we got home, we feasted, had a fire, and Hana put on a New Years ‘play’ (starring her and Avery). Then everyone headed to the garage for a game of hockey.
We set out our resolutions, and rang in the New Year together, over sparkling peach ‘Champaign’. Then we camped out in the living room – (Eric and I watched “The Struggle for Democracy” while the children snored away).

 We have big plans for 2012 – Joining the local theatre group, travelling (alot),gardening, going to the Calgary stampede, horse riding lessons (Hana), learning to swim (Elijah), extending our vocabulary (Avery). We can only hope it will be as great as 2011 was. We had a wonderful year!

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