Beautiful Tree

Mon Beau Sapin

I have always loved the French version of “Oh Christmas tree” which is very different from the English version. In fact, if I am not mistaken, the original song was written in German, translated to French and then re-written in English. Below I have the French song and the translation. I have been singing it in French since I was twelve, and a substitute teacher taught it to me. It captures the reverence I have for the majestic Pine and Spruce trees. I am pained with guilt, when I think that we adorn and enjoy these young trees for such a brief time, only to toss them into the landfill. Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Fir Tree” not only reminds me to live in the moment, but also to appreciate the life in everything around me, and to teach my children to do the same.

 I have stumbled upon a European solution to the dilemma of my conscience. Next year we are going to purchase a tree in a planter during the warm months, decorate it for the holiday season, and then plant it out the following year. I think this will be a good tradition for us.

Mon Beau Sapin

Mon beau sapin,
Roi des forêts,
Que j’aime ta verdure.
Quand vient l’hiver
Bois et guérets
Sont dépouillés
De leurs attraits.
Mon beau sapin,
Roi des forêts,
Que j’aime ta parure.

My Beautiful Tree

 My beautiful tree,
 King of the forests,
 How I love your greenness.
 When winter come
 Woods and tillages
 Are stripped
 Of their attractions.
  My beautiful tree,
  King of the forests,
  How I love your finery.

One response

  1. Oh wow, the French version is beautiful just to READ, I can’t imagine how lovely it sounds! I will have to see if I can find an audio clip online to listen to and share with my boys. 🙂

    I love your idea for starting a new tradition for your tree. My younger son and I have horrible allergies, so we have an awful artificial tree, lol. We tried a real tree once, but we spent the month sneezing if we spent too much time near the tree. Ah well, such is life. There are so many things we are grateful for all year, but especially during the holiday season, that we just make the most out of our little fake tree and enjoy it anyway. 😀

    Thanks for sharing the great photos. Looking forward to reading more of your blog! Merry Christmas!

    One mom who could write an essay on accidental homeschooling….

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