The last three days

The picture to the left, is what I saw out the kitchen window the other morning after breakfast… School work had to wait – We were all captivated! Days are pretty short here right now, but soon the sun will return!

We worked on five and six over the last couple of days. The portion of the lesson focusing in on multiplication (They don’t actually realize it is a lesson), was delivered through a story from the text, and then a poem from the numbers section of the Waldorf book of poetry.The children were quietly grouping sticks. after exploring the number six, (3×2, 2×3, 1×6, 6×1), Hana shouts out “Hey mom! twelve is 2 sixes! So… Twelve is four threes, six twos, three fours…” I was so excited about the magic that she discovered in the number six!

Elijah is doing a lot of counting now. He can count to ten in french, and to twenty in english. He does a lot of Hana’s grouping for her. He also likes to make the Roman numerals out of the sticks, and stick them up in plasticine like the shepherd might do in the dirt when counting his sheep.

Eric went out in the bush and cut down some trees for the stove, and had the children pile it when he got back, so we should be set for quite sometime now.

We are doing a partially handmade Christmas this year. Eric is building the kids a castle, (This one is from

and I am going to make them play teepee’s that fold up. I am also going to make some bean bags for Avery, and some candy and  funky shaped soaps. Hana asked for a Maplelea doll (,  and a new guitar which will obviously not be handmade.

We are on a mini mid-week trip with Dad to High Level Alberta.  We have brought our field guide, and hope to see a lot of wildlife (We’ve already seen a Cyote), and go on the water slide! This has become one of my favourite places. It is a quiet, Northern community that has the wild beauty we long  for back in Grande Prairie.

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