Christopherous curriculum!

We are using Christopherous curriculum materials for our daughter’s grade 1 year, and LOVE them!

I have changed the daily schedule around some what, and have used  supplementary materials for language (french) and music lessons, but the Christopherous grade 1 syllabus perfectly mimics the natural rythm of our household.

Form drawing: I must admit, I used an outside source for a container story to weave the forms together. Here are some examples of our forms so far:

The story of the Prince and the Wise woman has captivated both my daughter and younger son. They sit and listen, while they watch me draw the scene on the board, and then they draw without abandon in thier own books.  Sometimes, I find it difficult to get them to break away from this activity, so I introduce the plasticene, and the story spills into the modelling. We have all of the letters thus far molded out of plasticene, safe in my pantry.

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