Block 2

(form drawing day 2)

Our lessons are flowing along smoothly!

 We have begun the language arts block,  gymnastics class and I have added an Ojibwe language lesson. We also do a yoga series in the afternoon and include the little ones. This gets our blood flowing!

Also, although Waldorf curriculums include lessons on recorder, My daughter has been taking guitar lessons, and she prefers the guitar so I think I will stick with that. Perhaps I will bring back the recorder in the spring.

For french, we use Mango but for Ojibwe I am using a website titled: Anishnaabemowin. I will go through the lessons as provided, starting with greetings and numbers.

BLOCK 2 (November 14 –  December 9)

  8:00 NATURE STUDY (begins outside)/Ojibway

 9:00: MAIN LESSON BLOCK: Language Arts the little ones listen to the story and  play

 10:00: SNACK/free play (blocks, marble run, dress up etc.) sometimes an organized craft

 11:00: FRENCH –   Mango & library tutor on Fridays 3 yr old repeats, baby sleeps or plays

 12:00: LUNCH


 1:00: LESSON A : form drawing Little ones play with plastecene

 2:00  SNACK/free play

 2:30 LESSON B: guitar Everyone watches Hana and/or sings with her

3:00 yoga We all do this, including the baby!

3:30CHORES/DINNER PREP Everyone works together

Mondays: Gymastics Tuesdays: Figure skating

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