The Burton Family Adventures in Homeschooling!

The prairie

So we have said goodbye to the beauty and splendour of the Ottawa Valley, and hello to the Northern Alberta prairie. (I miss my maple syrup!).

Our Curriculum materials have arrived, and we have begun our lessons without a hitch. Hana is enjoying  form drawing, nature study, figure skating and recorder, and Elijah is starting to work on his number values and letter sounds. We purchased the christopherous grade 1 curriculum, along with much of the supplementary materials. It turns out, the Waldorf book of poetry is the most valuable piece of material – I would recommend it to anyone who is or is not a Waldorf parent. It adds a spiritual element to the day, helps with math (rythm, clapping syllables, etc.), language arts, visual arts… It is a beautiful book.
Homeschooling allows us to do SO much more! Everyday is an adventure! The children can take advantage of all of the sports clubs and activities available to us in Grande Prairie without suffering from exhaustion, and while still keeping a steady pace of academics. It also allows them to make so many new friends. We can also travel fairly constantly with Dad on his business trips, and take advantage of what is available in other communities, blending both big city and country. AND we have the oppertunity to study two languages this year – Ojibway and French.
 Although we are still a little homesick, there are so many activities here and so much oppertunity for travel, we are distracted enough to get through without interruption.
I am so blessed to have the oppertunity to share the adventures of homeschooling with my children!

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