2011 adventures!

This year was full of  adventure for the Burtons! The sugar bush, Gardening, Working 2 political campaigns, organizing a shoreline clean up, hiking the Macnamara field trail, playing on the Kudlas farm…

As we do every year, we made many many trips to the museums in Ottawa – Science and technology, Civiliation and the Nature museum.

We spent quite abit of time in Toronto for the NDP – 3 trips in all. There was NDP provincial council and Jack Laytons Funeral (sad yet inspiring day for all). During this time, we visited with our friends, went to the Royal Ontario museum and the Science centre.

We headed to  Mont. Tremblant Quebec for our friends Kara and Daves wedding which was beautiful!

In July, we headed Across Canada on a train to Vancouver for the NDP federal convention 2011. we got to stop in each province along the way. The children got to play in the ocean, visit with family, see the Aquarium, Granville island, Science world and stanley park.

We went on our annual camping trip in Algonquin park Ontario with Seth and Kelly, and then to Bonnechere park another weekend.

 Before leaving Ontario for good, (for now 😉 ) We made sure to see the Bonnechere caves in Eganville, and the Barrrrrrron Canyon!

Now, we have moved to Grande Prairie Alberta. Since arriving, we have been to High Level, La Crete,  Dun Vegan, Dawsons Creek B.C., and Slave Lake. This year, we have been to most of the country: Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatewan, Alberta and British Columbia. We hope to visit the North West Territories and the Yukon while we are up here. Stay tuned!

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